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Welcome to My Exit

curiouser and curiouser

Teresa Marie/Trudy
3 February 1984
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About me-

I like so many things:

getting dressed while listening to David Bowie, dancing around in my room in my underwear while no one is watching, standing at the very front of the stage for every concert, enjoying Russ Meyer films (Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!!), Robbie Fulks music while being seduced, being in love, my guitar, dressing up as my alter-ego, being tied to railroad tracks, always wearing sexy shoes, rockabilly girls with tattoos, amusing stories about canned corn, Ralph Wiggum, artichokes, anything Italian, my friends, hot breath on my neck, linguini, the open road, and not attaching labels to myself.

I only dislike a few:

labels, overly ripe bananas, bitchy salespeople, restaurants that don't give you dark rum for a rum&coke, angry sheep, nuclear weapons, the current state of affairs, pens that never write, the airport, tourists, being put on hold, guys who don't get it, and Canadian geese.

"I'm free to a fault.
Playing guitar.
Living my life.
I fly down the highway
sun on my face
I belong to nobody.
I belong to no place.
I cry over poetry.
& I laugh at myself.
still, I'd rather be me.
than anyone else."


1930s berlin, 70's l.a. punk, absinthe, alice in wonderland, andrew blake, aria giovanni, asia argento, bangs, beads, bettie page, billy wilder, bombshells, boots, bourbon, brunettes, burlesque, bust, cabaret, cameras, carla gugino, catwoman, chas ray krider, chris noth, city of lost children, clone high, comics, concrete blonde, convertables, cooking, corsets, dancing, dave alvin, david lynch, depeche mode, diners, dita von teese, douglas coupland, drummers, ellen von unwerth, elvis, equestrian, exene cervenka, exhibitionism, existenz, faster pussycat kill kill, feet, fetish photography, film noir, fishnets, flesh eaters, food, fruit, garters, giant squid, gina gershon, ginsberg, gloves, grateful dead, greasers, grilled cheese sandwiches, guitar, harley quinn, high heels, hollywood, hot waitresses, hotrods, inxs, italian, jessica rabbit, joan jett, joe strummer, john doe, john waters, kerouac, kink, lamps, latin playboys, leather, lili st. cyr, lingerie, lips, los angeles, los lobos, lydia lunch, maggie gyllenhaal, marilyn monroe, masuimi max, mermaids, monica bellucci, motels, motorcycles, music, new york, nigella lawson, nin, no depression, pale skin, pasta, patti smith, photography, pie, piercings, pin-up girls, pj harvey, pop culture, psycho beach party, punk, quicksand, railway club, reading, riding crops, robbie fulks, rockabilly, rockabilly girls, rubber, rumble fish, russ meyer, saddles, scudworth, seattle, sex, shoes, showgirls, singing, sleep, sleeping beauty, small venue shows, some like it hot, sorayama, steve diet goedde, stilettos, stockings, streets of fire, supersuckers, tattoos, tequila, the blasters, the clash, the gun club, the knitters, the pop tarts, the runaways, theatre, trailer trash, travelling, vancouver, viggo mortensen, vinyl, writing, x